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Apple pie with apricot jam

This video shows you how to make homemade Apple Pie from scratch. Everybody loves an Apple Pie made with fresh apples, especially from the Big Green Egg!



250g cold butter + extra to grease the pan

400g flour + extra for sprinkling

100g white castor sugar

7 sweet and sour apples

juice of 1 lemon (optional)

10g ground cinnamon

20g vanilla sugar

140g raisins (optionally soaked in lukewarm water for 20 min.)

1 egg yolk

6-7 tbsp apricot jam


Cut the butter into cubes and put them in a mixing bowl. Add the flour and castor sugar and knead to a firm and cohesive dough. Put the dough in the fridge.

Peel the apples for the filling. Core the apples and cut the flesh in cubes. Put the flesh in a bowl and sprinkle with lemon juice. Sprinkle the apple cubes with the ground cinnamon, vanilla sugar and raisins and mix well together.

Ignite the charcoal in the Big Green Egg and heat, with the convEGGtor and the grid, to 190 °C.

In the meantime, grease a springform pan (Ø 23 cm) with butter. Cover the bottom and side of the springform with two thirds of the dough (by rolling out the dough or pressing it evenly in the form). Divide the apple filling and gently press it.

Roll the remaining dough on a flour-covered worktop and cut into rows of approximately 1.5 cm wide. Lay them crosswise over the filling and cover the edge of the pie with dough strips. Beat the egg yolk and use it to cover the strips and the edge of the pie.

Place the springform on the grid, close the EGG lid and bake the pie until golden brown for about 45 minutes.

Take the apple pie from the EGG and remove the springform ring. Spoon the apricot jam between the dough grate on the baked apple and spread it over the pie.

Serve the pie lukewarm or cooled with whipped cream and extra apricot jam if you like.


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