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Benefits And Advantages Of Artificial Plants As Opposed To Real Plants For Landscaping

Benefits and advantages of artificial plants as opposed to real plants for landscaping

Gone are the days when live plants were the norm. Today, artificial plants are making their way into indoor and outdoor spaces. Homeowners can opt for plastic or silk plants that are designed, shaped and painted to look and feel like the real thing. Fish keepers too can set up their aquariums using artificials. Your choice of aquarium and house plants comes down to your preferences. But if you are looking for durable, low-maintenance plants, then faux trees and flowers are the best choices. They have many benefits compared to natural plants, and some of the advantages are listed below.

No seasonal changes

Live plants seasonally shed their flowers and leaves, therefore, changing their appearance. This won’t add the desired appeal to your outdoor or indoor decoration. Artificial plants are not affected by changes in seasons. They always stay as they are, even with very little care. However, occasional washing is required to keep them looking fresh and in tip-top condition all year round.

Less care

It’s true that fake plants require less attention and care when compared to real plants. You don’t need to fertilize or water them. Since they are synthetic, they don’t grow and therefore don’t need regular pruning. They stay in shape and look beautiful no matter the season. Best of all, they enhance the office or home environment throughout the year.

Are more durable

The materials used in making non-natural plants are long lasting and of advanced quality. Most plants are water and pest resistant due to the resilient coating applied to the leaves. Due to their durability, you can enjoy these plants for many years to come, without worrying about withering or pest and water damage.

More realistic appearance

Some artificial plants look very lifelike and are almost indistinguishable from the real plants.
Certain silk versions have insect holes and withered leaves.
On closer inspection, you can mistake them for real, and such is the nature of today’s replica plants, flowers and trees.

Don’t need natural factors

Synthetic plants don’t need water, air and sunlight to survive. So when you’re on vacation or at work, you don’t have to worry about watering your plants. As artificial plants don’t require sunlight, you can place them anywhere you want, may it be in a dull room or a place that receives minimal sunlight. No need to worry about insect and pest attacks that will spoil the perfection and growth of your plant, or trunk rotting due to drenched planters.

Not limited to one place

Artificial plants are not restricted to one place. You can move them whenever you want and place them wherever you like. This allows you to play around with your design and give a new appearance to your garden or room. Also, they are easy to re-pot should you prefer a new shape, new colour or new look.

Cost less to maintain

Plastic materials look good and cost less to take care of. They require no fertilizers to grow and need little maintenance. As they are resistant to pests, you don’t have to use pesticides and insecticides.

These are just some of the benefits and advantages of owning faux plants rather than natural ones.


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