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Cinnamon rolls with yoghurt sauce

Cinnamon rolls are easy and quick to make. You can do all the preparations in advance while the Big Green Egg heats up. After that, you only have to bake the rolls in the kamado. A delicious snack to make with your children or grandchildren The steps are easy to follow and they won’t have to wait long until the cinnamon rolls are ready.



1 roll of fresh puff pastry, 270 g

5 tbsp dark caster sugar

½ tbsp ground cinnamon

1 egg

3 tbsp almond flakes

1 tbsp granulated sugar

12 cinnamon sticks

Flour for dusting


5 tbsp Greek yoghurt

1 tbsp icing sugar


Ignite the charcoal in the Big Green Egg and heat, using the convEGGtor and the Stainless Steel Grid, to 180°C. Meanwhile, roll out the puff pastry on a worktop dusted with flour into a rectangle about 3 millimetres thick.

Mix the dark caster sugar with the cinnamon. Separate the egg white from the egg yolk. Whisk 2 drops of water through the egg yolk and brush the puff pastry with this. Sprinkle the puff pastry evenly with the caster sugar mixture and roll up starting at the long side.

Cut the ends of the dough roll nice and straight, and cut it into slices about 3 cm wide. Use a skewer to make indentations in the slices lengthwise.

Beat the egg whites. Mix the almond flakes with the granulated sugar and add enough of the egg white to make the almond flakes sticks together well.

Scoop some of the almond mixture onto each dough slice and press a cinnamon stick into it.

Cinnamon rolls


Dust the cold Baking Stone with flour and place the dough slices on top. Place the Baking Stone on the grill, close the lid of the EGG and bake the cinnamon rolls for about 22 minutes until golden brown and done. Meanwhile, for the yoghurt sauce, mix the Greek yoghurt and icing sugar.

Remove the cinnamon rolls from the Big Green Egg and serve lukewarm with the yoghurt sauce on the side.

Cinnamon rolls on a Baking stone

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