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How to create an extraordinary atmosphere at home

Presentation combined with the right atmosphere will set the scene for that feeling when the property “just feels right”, regardless of all the practical reasons. 

Tip 1
Display vases of fresh flowers,
especially in an entrance or in the
main living area.

Tip 2
Play soft, perhaps classical,
background music. If it’s a cold winter’s
day and you have one, light a cosy
open fire or have a heater on to warm
the house. Alternatively, have a cooler
on in the hot summer months.

Tip 3
Make up beds and borrow extra
cushions, if you can, to add a little
extra style.

Tip 4
Wash and store dishes away,
clean bench tops and pack away
children’s toys.

Tip 6
Light and bright.
Optimise natural light by opening
curtains and blinds; turn on lights
in dark rooms and passage ways.



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