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How To get The Most Out of Every candle

How to get the most out of every candle

How to get the most out of every candle


1. Let the top layer melt completely.

Are you lighting a candle for the first time? Only blow it out when the entire top layer has melted. If you do it after half an hour, then you are doing wrong! By first melting the top layer completely, you prevent a hole (or tunnel) from burning in the wax.


2. Keep the fuse short.

It is best if the wick of your candle is no longer than half a centimeter, because this will make your candle smoke less. You can easily cut the wick shorter if it is too long.


3. Avoid drafts A light breeze can cause the candle’s flame to change direction.

If the draft always comes from the same side, the candle will burn out faster on one side as well. So pay attention to this. Can’t avoid the trip? Then turn your candle every now and then.


4. Don’t put candles too close together.

If you place candles too close together, the heat from one candle can melt the other candle. Do you want all your candles to burn nicely? Make sure there is sufficient distance between all candles.


5. Still a hole in your candle?


Trim the edges If your candle doesn’t burn nicely, you can carefully cut away the raised edges. This way the surface is the same again.


6. Use aluminum foil.

Is it not possible to get the candle to burn nicely despite the above tips? Then take a piece of aluminum foil and fold it in half and wrap it around your candle, like a warm jacket. Make sure you leave a piece open at the top, so that the candle does not go out. Thanks to the aluminum foil, the wax will melt faster and you can create a so-called “pool”. Keep an eye on the candle, because it can get very hot!

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