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Maximise your outdoor space

Quality outdoor furniture allows you to create comfortable and practical outdoor living spaces—blurring the line between the indoors and the outdoors. 

Whether you have a relaxing poolside retreat, outdoor dining space, or quaint patio, your outdoor space is an extension of your home. 

As an extension of your home the range of outdoor furniture you can find at the showroom provide you endless options for customisation and tailored comfort. 

Well-designed and furnished outdoor spaces create your own personal retreat and spot for relaxing. Curiosa’s furniture are designed to enhance this experience and provide practical and aesthetically beautiful solutions.  

What outdoor accessories do we offer?

With the right outdoor furniture and accessories, you can take your outdoor space from a blank canvas to a comfortable, functional, and beautiful outdoor living space. 

The Curiosa’s collection of accessorie and occasional furniture includes carpets, lounge chairs, tables and side tables, cushions, storage box and sun solutions.

Anchor your space with an Outdoor Rug

Whether indoors or outdoors, carpets have the unique ability to bring warmth, comfort, softness and personality to your space.   

Being a union of style and functionality, the right carpet also anchors your space while creating layers of interest, depth and intrigue. 

Add to your outdoor sofa an extra side table

Side tables are a convenient outdoor accessory that provides the perfect resting place for your phone, a book, a drink, or other items you want within your arm’s reach.  

Compatible with various outdoor sofas and sun lounges, side tables are often an easy extra touch of style and comfort to add in your overall outdoor space.

Create additional seating

Whether placed poolside for casual seating or placed in a secluded nook in your garden to create a cosy corner, Outdoor lounge chairs are extremely versatile and effortlessly add additional seating to your outdoor space. 

Additional seating together often create relaxed conversation hubs, or scatter them around for individual seating and comfort.  

Accessorise with outdoor cushions

From offering extra comfort to your sun lounge to adding a touch of colour to your sofa, outdoor cushions are a versatile outdoor accessory. 

With various colours and patterns to choose from, outdoor cushions are also a great way to add your personality and favourite colours to your outdoor spaces.  

Protect your designs with outdoor furniture covers

While most outdoor fabrics are weather resistant and designed to keep moisture at bay, prolonged exposure to the rain can cause wear, particularly if your sofa is constantly saturated and unable to dry.  

Outdoor furniture covers creates a barrier between your sofa and potential environmental stressors. To avoid over-exposure to rain, umidity and all the outdoor events which can cause mould and mildew. We always recommend covering your outdoor sofa when not in use—particularly if rain or bad weather is expected. This will also help prevent foreign matter from building up on your furniture.   

If your sofa gets wet, allow the fabric to air dry thoroughly before placing a Cover. Allowing moisture to sit in the fabric can also cause mould and mildew to grow.  

Complete your outdoor living space with the right accessories

Offering comfort, style and functionality, outdoor living spaces allow you to enjoy the comfort and luxury of interior spaces while in a beautiful and sunny outdoor setting. 

The addition of outdoor accessories and occasional furniture allow you to tailor your designs to meet your comfort and functionality needs. 

If you’re ready to accessorise and complete your outdoor space, you can view our range of outdoor accessories and furniture online or visit us at the showroom.

If you need more inspiration for curating your outdoor space, you can pop in the showroom and our staff will be most pleased to help you out.


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