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Thanks to the 7 ergonomic zones and the core of micro pocket springs (550 springs per m2), covered with a special comfort gel top layer, this mattress offers the perfect support and pressure distribution.

The mattress is temperature neutral, for an always fresh sleeping climate. the tencel fibers of the cover have an exceptionally good moisture absorption.

3 cm Hybrid Foam covering on both sides, 9 zones of pocketspring, 300 springs per m2. Optimal ventilation due to 3D-Mesh bands on 4 sides of the mattress.
Hypoallergenic bedding, supplied with silk and viscose fibre with highly ventilating and moisture absorbent capacities.
Topper 750 Split
Luxury mattress topper with a core of anti-allergic HR cold foam which has a total thickness of 9 cm due to its luxurious cover layers.
Topper 735

The mattress topper increases your comfort, weight distribution and extends the life of your mattress and is completely anti-allergic.

Luxurious extra well ventilating mattress topper with a core of pocket springs, finished with anti-allergic HR65 comfort foam. The pocket springs combined with the air-permeable HR65 comfort foam guarantee perfect pressure distribution and lying comfort. The innovative open cell structure of the foam ensures optimal ventilation and heat regulation.Thanks to its Active Air concept, this unique topper provides coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter. A hygienic and pleasant sleeping comfort is therefore guaranteed.


Finding the perfect mattress for your sleep style is integral to ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Do you find yourself frequently waking up with sore muscles, aching joints and feeling as though you haven’t slept a wink? There are many things that can negatively impact the quality of sleep, but a bad mattress is one common culprit. Choosing the best mattress to suit your sleeping position – whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or tummy sleeper – is integral to a good night’s sleep.

Beer can chicken with amber beer and roasted vegetables

Fancy some nice, juicy chicken? With this recipe for Beer Can Chicken, you easily create a complete and delicious dish on your Big Green Egg. While you chicken is cooking on the kamado, the vegetables and potatoes are roasting below in a skillet. The fat dripping from the chicken lands on the vegetables, making them incredibly tasty.


Yakitori with teriyaki sauce

Yakitori is simply skewered chicken grilled over charcoal – the literal meaning of this Japanese word is grilled bird. There’s no need to marinate the chicken. Just brush the skewers with a homemade teriyaki sauce as they cook on your Big Green Egg. Easy and delicious!


Roasted Shallots

Caramelised onions taste even better when prepared on the Big Green Egg. The sugars naturally present in the onion are converted into caramel by the heat. The result? Incredibly delicious caramelised onion with a subtle but intense flavour. In this shallot-based recipe the onions are also slowly roasted in the butter.

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