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Big Green Egg – Beer Can Chicken Roaster

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Beer Can Chicken is an American classic where a chicken is placed over an opened, half-full can of beer. While the chicken is cooking, the beer in the can gives off steam, keeping the chicken extra tender and juicy inside. Sounds difficult? Definitely not with the Beer can Chicken Roaster! Clamps the beer can in the sturdy metal wire holder and prevents the can from falling over.

Would you like to cook your Beer Can Chicken recipe to perfection? Place the chicken on the holder in the Cast Iron skillet and fill the skillet with small potatoes and vegetables of your choice. While the chicken is cooking in the Big Green Egg, you are cooking a side-dish to complete your meal at the same time. And the fat that drips down from the chicken immediately adds extra flavour to your vegetables. Easy and really tasty!

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Works well with the Savory Beer Can Chicken recipe.

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