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Quality time at home, for you and your loved ones

Celebrate the moment. Share your happiness. With Big Green Egg.

“Home is where your EGG is” is a favourite saying of many EGGers. Precious memories of delicious food and long evenings with friends and family. With the Big Green Egg as the shining star. This blog is full of inspiration and tasty recipes. Delight your guests and surprise yourself. Exceed all expectations. Let the EGG do the work for you and celebrate the moment.


Cooking and enjoying food connects families and friends, cultures and generations. Everyone who tastes dishes prepared in a Big Green Egg is forever a fan due to the unparalleled great taste. Take a moment to enjoy the most delicious things you have ever tasted. Surround yourself with family, friends and those that are dear to you. That’s what unforgettable moments are made of. That’s what the Big Green Egg is all about. And with the lifetime warranty on your Big Green Egg, you can continue to do so. Guaranteed. From this generation to the next. And the one after that. Ready to get started? We have put together three genuine Evergreen recipes for you. These classics are a must for your kamado.

Beer can chicken with amber beer

Pizza margherita

Apple pie


EGGers have much in common. But one thing is certain: they go for quality and ultimate taste. With much care and love, they prepare great dishes with great products for the very best results. We are home more often these days, so we increasingly visit each other there. Are you the chef this evening? You want to create the best and most welcoming atmosphere for all those you love. Magical moments to remember. Toasting, laughing, eating and talking. Making memories. Light up your Big Green Egg at any occasion and moment. Share the love for green. These recipes are perfect for that!

Slow cooked pork belly

Salmon bonsbons 

Avocado salad with lobster


Cooking alone is fun, but cooking together is even more enjoyable. Share recipes, exchange experiences, try new dishes and take your skills to the next level. And then sit down together and enjoy the end result. Children also enjoy cooking with the Big Green Egg. “Catch them young”, as the saying goes, and give them skills that will last a lifetime.You can make it extra fun and exciting for the kids by opting for recipes that really appeal to them, or where they can actually actively help with the preparations. Let us offer you some inspiration.

Chicken pita burger


Authentich flammkuchen


By now, you’ve probably already selected some great dishes for some pure Quality Time at Home. Want more dishes for inspiration? Then take a look at our recipe page. From the juiciest steak to the most colourful vegetables, and from the most delicious salmon to the best quattro formaggi.. For all levels and tastes. The inspiration never stops!

Pulled pork

Picanha burger

Vegetarian Lasagne


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