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Since 2005, Nesling is the manufacturer of shade sails. The Nesling Coolfit shade sails, harmonica shades and roller blinds are made of a strong HDPE fabric. This fabric protects up to 95% against damaging UV Rays. Very functional! But, perhaps just as important, you can create a cosy and decorative place in your garden or on your terrace.

Sit outside and keep it dry!

Besides the Coolfit shade sails, the waterproof Dreamsail® shades are also part of the assortment. This way you can stay outside during light rain. Nesling® can provide a complete pergola package of wood, but also of aluminum. This way our pergola’s are suited for both rustic garden as well as modern gardens. With our Prosail® waterproof harmonica you can sit outside and keep it dry. The ideal waterproof pergola.

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