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Sun Solutions - Pergola

Imagine your ideal outdoor and start living it

Sun Solutions - Pergola

We create modern outdoor systems designed to enhance comfort and ambience for dining customers in all weather conditions.

Our goal is to heighten the sensation and experience of outdoor living, entertaining and dining in all seasons. This is achieved by using leading products in Kinetic Architecture which move with the changing seasonal environments. We are able to deliver an exceptional outdoor experience all year round. By being passionate about design and delivery, we are capable of guaranteeing that our customers receive the best customer service and lifetime products possible. We provide a dynamic end-to-end service in order to give our customers the top lifestyle products and business products they seek.

Our outdoor systems are crafted by leading manufacturers of motorised retractable glass, fabric and aluminium awning and screen systems. These systems can stand alone or be incorporated into our clients’ design requirements.

Sun Solutions - Pergola

We create modern outdoor systems designed to enhance comfort and ambiance for dining customers in all weather conditions.

Our retractable and sliding systems are the perfect solution to create versatile outdoor terrace and patio dining spaces by providing an upgrade to entertaining areas and guaranteeing seating for pubs and hotels in all-weather conditions. Our systems can be further complemented and enhanced with vertical glass screens with double glazing, plus with gas and electric heating systems. These systems have the ultimate goal of maximising the comfort and wellbeing of customers and visitors of outdoor entertainment areas all around the Portugal.

For modern and lightweight horizontal outdoor protection, our retractable conservatory awning systems and folding arm awnings are the best solutions. These sophisticated systems provide sun protection whilst offering minimal impact on the building’s design.

Our motorised retractable external blinds or screens and motorised retractable venetian blinds are the perfect options to manage and control sunlight and energy by minimising heat and energy gain. These are great solutions for commercial buildings which feature extensive glass or low sun issues. Additionally, these blind systems can be connected with building control systems in order to be automated or controlled via smartphones and tablets or via larger building management systems.

Sun Solutions - Pergola

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