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Looking for a new dining table? Below are some commonly asked questions …

How big should my dining table be?

The size of your dining table will of course depend on how much space you have. Keep in mind that you also need space around the table, because you have to be able to sit down at the table easily and walk around the table. It is therefore advisable to have at least 120cm from the wall. You also have to take into account the number of people sitting at the table. If you have less space, you can opt for a dining table with a width of 90 centimetres. 

Should I choose a rectangular, square, round or oval dining table?

Yes, a rectangular dining table is the most popular because you have a lot of space on the table. But sometimes a square, round or oval dining table suits your space much better. For example, a square or round dining table is much more practical in a small space, and an oval dining table is especially suitable in a narrow space.


The most popular shape among dining tables, mostly because you can place a lot of things on a rectangular dining table. Whether it’s all the goodies for your dinner, or your teenager’s textbooks. In addition, depending on the size of your table, there is enough room for many people at the same time. Because you can easily move chairs. It is true that your space often has to be a bit larger, because rectangular tables can take up more space than square or round dining tables.

  • Lots of space for things on the table
  • Many people can join
  • Available in many sizes


Often, just as many people can sit at a square table as a rectangular table. You also don’t need a long wall, because all four sides are the same width. It is more suitable if you have a small space.

In addition, a square table can also be cozier, for example while playing a game. For example, in a board game, because everyone can easily reach the board. But a square table is also a lot more pleasant during a dinner or a drink, because the distance between each other is smaller. 

  • Ideal for smaller spaces
  • Perfect for playing a game or other social occasions
  • Enough people


It is best to opt for a round dining table if you want to use the space as much as possible. The round shape takes up less space than a rectangular dining table. You can also easily move around a round table and it is ideal for your toddlers and preschoolers because they cannot bump into the table because it has no corners. You can also easily slide extra chairs at a round dining table and the people sit on it more comfortably because the leg of the table is in the middle. A round dining table is cozier; everyone can look at each other and that is much cozier during breakfast, lunch or dinner, right? It is also perfect for playing a game. And did you know that the round table is not only suitable for your dining room, but that it is also very suitable for meeting rooms. Because of its round shape, no one can sit at the head of the table and the distance between everyone sitting opposite each other is the same. So everyone is equal! It is true that fewer people can sit at a round dining table with a diameter of 110 centimetres than at a square table that is 110×110 centimetres in size.

  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Easy to add extra chairs
  • Children can’t bump themselves
  • Easy to move around
  • Perfect for playing a game or other social occasions


An oval dining table is one of a kind! Most furniture in the house has a straight, round or square shape. Then an oval dining table is a welcome addition, it keeps the interior playful. In addition, an oval dining table is perfect for a narrow space. The table has no corners, which makes it easier to move around it. And the fact that the table has no corners is also nice if you have small children running around the house. They can’t hurt themselves at the table. In addition, an oval dining table makes a conversation more central because everyone at the table can more easily look at each other.


  • Ideal for narrow spaces
  • Extra chairs can be easily added
  • Children can’t hurt themselves
  • Unique choice

What is the ideal height of the dining table?

The ideal seat height for the table is difficult to determine because it is very personal. One person likes to sit a little lower at the table, while the other prefers a higher seat. Most dining tables have a height between 76 and 79 centimetres.

Will my dining room chairs fit ?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a dining table that matches the dining room chairs you already have. For example, pay attention to the leg of the table, the table rule and the space at the table. But also take the armrest of your dining room chair and the seat height into account.

Other furniture in the house

You may have never noticed, but other pieces of furniture – such as a sideboard or console table are often the same height as your dining table. If the new table is placed close to a sideboard , it may be that if the height difference is very large, it will not match well. Therefore, consider this before you buy a new dining table.

How do you maintain your wooden furniture?

Wooden furniture requires good maintenance at least once a year. With the right maintenance product, your wooden table will remain beautiful for longer. Which product you need depends on the finish of the wood. The finish of the wood also protects your wooden furniture against external influences. Various finishes are possible: oil layer, transparent lacquer and a high-gloss or satin lacquer, giving your table either a matte, satined or gloss finish. An oil layer will absorb liquids less quickly, so less chance of stains and circles. The oil penetrates into the wood, causing the wood to become saturated. It must be said, however, that oil does not provide the same protection as a lacquer layer. An advantage of this finish is that the natural look is preserved. The wood does not shine and the grain of the wood remains tangible. All wood is suitable for an oil layer. 

Our standard treatment includes a light sanding, with a grit of 400, and one or two layers of Bona treatment with a sanding in between each layer

How do you clean wooden furniture?

The dining table is now the focal point in your home. You eat at the table, read the newspaper, children do their homework and you drink a cup of coffee with visitors. It is therefore important that your wooden dining table is easy to clean. It is best to remove crumbs with a dry or slightly damp cloth. Do this every day to keep your furniture as fresh as possible. Has a glass of drink fallen over? Then make sure you immediately pat the table dry with a dry, clean tea towel. Also do this if your table has a protective layer. In this way any consequences are limited.

5 Tips to keep your wood beautiful for longer

1. Humidity

Provide a good humidity of 50 to 60%. Wood can ‘work’.

2. Sunlight

Watch out for direct sunlight. Wood is sensitive to discoloration.

3. Maintenance

Maintain your wooden furniture at least once a year, depending on the type of wood, with the right maintenance product.

4. Clean cloth

Do you have a wooden dining table? Then we recommend that you wipe your table every day with a slightly damp clean cloth.

5. Coasters

Always use coasters under glasses and hot pans that you place on a wooden table

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